Military patrol caps rose to popularity through its extensive military roots to become a casual cap favorite. It enjoys its unisex appeal because, the fact is, it really does look good on everyone.

The military patrol cap is a kepi cap with a flat top on its soft round crown and a stiff bill that helps cut down on bright sun glare. With the use of the M1951 Field cap by the U.S. military in the Korean war it became know as the “patrol cap”.

The patrol cap rivals the ball cap as a hat to store in the ready on a hall coat rack or hook so it will be grabbed on the way out the door. A true everyday cap. These come in two styles. The all-weather style has elastic along the back so it fits a range of head sizes. The cool-weather style has a fleece lined band.

Patrol Cap in Black Widow Spiders and Red Roses-left

Military patrol caps look good on everyone. With a flat top, stiff bill, and round crown the cap’s simple style keeps it a casual favorite.

Available Military Patrol Caps

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