Ivy Flat Caps

Ivy flat caps are favorite good ol’ dad caps. The ivy style cap has a non-sectioned crown that tapers toward the bill giving it a distinctive flat profile.  These caps adjust for a perfect fit for several head sizes.

Popularized by the working man, the flat cap crossed over to become a leisure hat for golfers, drivers, and the college crowd. It fills the gap between a ball cap and a fedora. Today, people get nostalgiac when they think about how it really was a favorite cap for their dad and grandpas. Flat caps have followed the trend to becoming a unisex cap with its appeal to guys and gals alike. Still, you either like it or you don’t. There is no middle ground when it comes to its classic style.

Good fully lined caps with a buckled slider on the back that can be adjusted to  comfortably fit most heads. Reduces worries about loosing your cap to the wind, simply snug it down a bit more. 

Ivy Flat Cap Banner

Traditional and casual-looking ivy flat caps.

Cloth Caps in Virtual Festival

Rawls-Riley Creations created a Virtual Festival on cloth caps. It includes: duckbill flat caps, fisherman caps/biker caps, ivy flat caps, and military patrol caps. Please check it out to see the cloth caps at the show.

Ivy Flat Caps in Virtual Festival on 11/26/20

With all the new ivy flat caps made for the cooler weather days, a virtual festival was made showing all the caps.


Colors: Black | Blue | Brown | Gray | Green | Orange | Pink | Purple | Red | White | Yellow

Available Ivy Flat Caps

Check out the available ivy flat caps below. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please press here to contact Rawls-Riley Creations for assistance.

Guy Green Plaid Ivy Flat Cap Market 110720

Stopped for an Ivy Flat Cap

He stopped when he saw the ivy flat caps at the Farmers Market and had to see which of the two would work best for him. He liked a homespun check and the green plaid. He said he has taken a look at these kind of hats at different places over the years and was very pleased to see me there with mine. It was the green one he went with and was very pleased to let me snap a quick picture.

Farmers Market, Kansas City MO

Where’d You Get That Hat?

It was the black and gray big check one in flannel that was a real draw for the teen. He came to the KCMO Farmers Market that day with his mom and brother and they were impressed at how the cap was perfect on him. They shared that they had a sister and another brother at home and would give it more thought on something for at least him. Off they went.

A bit later they returned with good news about how he was getting lots of, “Where’d you get that hat?” as he walked through the market. He showed them my business card and told them to stop by and check them out. The other brother found a plaid cap he wanted liked, too, and they got one for the brother who stayed home that day. The plaid one he got is pictured to the right.

Farmers Market, Kansas City MO

Ivy Flat Cap in Gray Black Grid Plaid on Ivory Flannel - left

Unique Hat

At the Pella Tulip Market, he was compelled to check out the flat caps. He was pleased to learn that there were not going to be lots of people with hats like these because they are only made in a very limited quantity by me. After trying on the gold and black one, he declared it would be good for church and other formal occasions, but not as practical for everyday wear. With the wearability and sturdiness of corduroy in mind, he selected the blue and black flowered cap which has a very Renaissance look to it.

Later that evening, he shared, “Everything was great Becky was great she took my picture…i will buy more caps from her.” as well as, “I was happy with my purchase.”

Pella IA

Seasons Change and So Do Flat Caps

Making a choice was difficult for the gentleman who came to the Rawls-Riley Creations tent in Wamengo. He settled on the two. The white for summer and the darker, brown for winter.
At the Amelia Earhart Festival, a guy saw the lightweight, white and gray colored, flat cap. He tried it on and asked his wife what she thought. She said the three he already had were not the light color like this one and the one he had for work did not count. He went with this one because it complimented his white beard.

Atchison KS

Sunny Day Shade

The first guy to buy the blue and white  colored, homespun flat cap came to the show and had gotten off without any of his six or seven other flat caps. He had thinning hair and the sun beating down made it a perfect day for the nice, new one.

Lawrence KS


Well Made Hat

At the show, the guy said he already had seven or eight flat caps, but could not pass on the brown, plaid, flat cap. He said he thought it was well made.

Boys Like Their Motorcycle Caps

At Cassoday, a grandpa was so glad to get flat caps for the two grandsons. The adjustable back made them work well for both of them. At a show, about a month later, the dad stopped by with the youngest boy and shared that the boys still enjoyed wearing their “motorcycle” caps. The brother said his brother wears his everywhere.

Gotta Go Purple

She saw the flat caps at the Lawrence show, but had just arrived so she still needed to check things out. It was the purple brocade one that brought her back. She looked outstanding in it and was pleased to pose for the picture. It suited her nicely and even matched the purple in her hair.

Lawrence KS

She got her hair bag do rag at the Lawrence show.

Later, it was the flat caps that caught his eye. He really liked to looks of the brown one and tried it on. He turned to get an opinion and she said it made him look like he was going to a coffee shop. She really liked it on him.

They both looked good in their new headwear. Check out the hair bag do rags like she got by pressing here.

Lawrence KS

Cruise Hat

He studied the flat caps and she really liked they way they looked on him, but he really could not go for any of them. She explained that he had a favorite hat that he has used for every cruise they have gone on and it is really worn out. The issue? It was white and there were no white flat caps on the rack.

When he learned that I designed and made all the headwear, he had to give it more thought. He shared they really like to go on cruises and he had looked forever to find another white hat. Thus, Kevin got the first, white, flat cap.

Kevin I.

Lee’s Summit MO

Ivy Flat Cap Details

Ivy Flat Cap Banner 3 Bird Skull Dot

Flat Cap in Ivy Style

The ivy flat cap has a non-sectioned round shaped crown that tapers toward the short bill to form its flat profile.

These caps come with a structured crown for a traditional look or one that is totally designed for a casual look that works for an active lifestyle.



Fully lined cap. The bill is firm and may be adjusted as desired to avoid those pesky sun rays.

The sweatband is comfortable CoolPlus® (Macro International Pattern #Micro-655) wicking. Content: 55% CoolPlus® + 45% polyester.




The back has a buckled slider which gives the hat a perfect fit. If it is really windy, just slide it down a bit more and forget worrying about loosing it to the wind.

Fits Several Heads

The slider gives the flat cap a size range from Adult S which has a 21″ circumference and a 6-3/8 Hat Size through Adult XL which has a 24″ circumference and a 7-5/8 Hat Size.

How to Set Desired Bill Curve

The pressed, foam bill is sturdy and may be set into a personalized curve.

  1. Get the bill completely wet with water.
  2. Bend into the desired curve.
  3. Secure curve with a rubber band.
  4. Air dry.
  5. Remove rubber band to reveal the custom curve.

Made in the U.S.A.

All of Our Ivy Flat Caps —

Made in the USA

All of our flat caps in the ivy style are original designs by Rawls-Riley Creations. They are 100% made in the United States of America.


How Do I Measure My Head Size?

Press here to learn how to measure your head. It will help in selecting the best size for you or to give as a gift.

Custom Requests

Reach out and let us know what you are thinking about and we’ll be happy to create something special just for you. Please call 913-397-8071 or email [email protected].

Press here to see about the custom headwear made for other customers.


Ivy Flat Cap in Red Skull Scroll Leaves on Black Damask - top

Custom Prints Headwear Gallery

See some of the headwear created using custom prints material by checking out the sold out gallery. It does include some hair bag do rags. Press here to see the gallery.