The hats are made to fit various size heads and include several styles. Custom hat bands are available, too.

Boonie Hats

Boonie hats are ideal shade hats with a chin cord. It has a round crown that comes with cooling mesh sides in some styles. The band has comfortable absorbent terry and Velcro sizing tabs. 2 sizes available.

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Fedora Band 20

Fedora Hat Bands

Fedora hat bands are a band with securing loop for fedora and floppy hats. The fedora hat bands may be used on a hat your already have or with a custom fedora and floppy hat. 

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Floppy Band 20

Floppy Hat Bands

Floppy hat bands are a band that is long enough to tie in a bow or leave the ties drapped loose. Get a floppy hat band for use on a hat you already have or for use on a custom fedora or floppy hat.

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