Hair Bag® Do Rags

Proud to have long hair and keeping it! Confidently say, “NO!” to those who tell you the only way to deal with those issues is to cut your hair. Smile, bag it in your hair bag® do rag and away you go.

The hair bag® do rag keeps your long hair cleaned, contained, and out of your way. Simply put on the hair bag® do rag, tuck your hair in the pocket, tie and you’re good to go! These are do rags with a pocket on the back that will hold all your long hair, be it in a pony tail, braid or quickly hand rolled like you would do when you put it in a shower cap.  No more fussing around getting ready to go. Panic attacks from loosing a do rag to the wind. Worrying about how your locks will look when you get there. Say good-bye to wind tangles and hair damage. No more bad hair days for you.

Very secure! The hair bag® has four sturdies to keep it on your head. Elastic and tie around your head and elastic and tie around your hair. If your hair is long enough to go into a shower cap, it will go into the long hair pocket.

Hair Bag Do Rags

Long Hair and Loving It!

Keep that out of your locks or simply get it out of the way for the moment with a hair bag® do rag.


Warning: Some of the subject matter in the custom prints used for the Folies Headwear line may be considered offensive and not suitable for all audiences. Some have a minimum age for access and to order them.

Hair Bag® Do Rags in Virtual Festival

Rawls-Riley Creations created a Virtual Festival on hair bag do rags. Please check it out to see the hair bags at the show.


Sizes: Small Size | Regular Size | Big Size | Really Big Size 

Color: Black | Blue | Brown | Gray | Green | Orange | Pink | Purple | Red | White | Yellow

Available Folies Hair Bags®

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Two Sides to the Story

Do rags have been a favorite for motorcycle riders for years. Learn a few secrets about riding with long hair and you will be ready to go with a hair bag® do rag for your next adventure.

Dirt Bag Hair Bag® Do Rag

And now for the guy’s side of the story…

Hey Long Hair, I’m talking to you.

Getting tired of that pony tail slapping you in the face when headed west in a strong south wind? Bag it.

Trying to impress the pretty lady on the back of your bike so you might get lucky later, but your annoying hair is hitting her in the face, just bringing on one of her moods? Bag it.

Work where you get dust and dirt in your hair, can’t stop after work to impress the ladies looking like that? Bag it.

Painters, construction workers, machinist, and mechanics need to keep that hair out of the way. Let us help you. Bag it.

Lady Hair Bag® Do Rag

Gal’s side of the story…

Hey Rapunzel Gal, it’s not just for guys.

Get on for the motorcycle ride or slide into the convertible now. Don’t miss that adventure again because you need time to fix your hair. Bag it.

Lost one too many of the expensive hair holders or barrettes to the wind? Splurge and bag it. 

Hate wind tangles! Bag it and enjoy a carefree ride. Remove and simply run your fingers through your hair for a quick start at your new location.

Health care professional, food prep and sanitation workers need to protect yourself and your customers by keeping hair out of the way.  Let us help you. Bag it.

How It All Began

The lady came to the show in Oskaloosa with her husband. She saw all the do rags and was pleased to learn that she was really talking with the designer of all the head-wear. She could not pass up the opportunity to express her desire to have some do rag that would eliminate her dilemma. With that, she took off the scarf she had carefully tied around her head to reveal a mass of bobby pins holding her hair in a bun on the top of her head. It was the only way she could get it to stay because her hair was super thin. “These stick and hurt when I put on my helmet and when I move around! Not to mention that I cannot ride for long because it gives me a sore spot on the top of my head.”

After learning a bit more, I felt I could make something. We planned to meet at the next Oskaloosa show.

Work began on the first do rag with a place for long hair on the back. It was a black and white paisley. We has not talked about her color preferences in time to get something unique, so with one more, in purple, it was off to the show. 

They came and I learned he is a KU guy, so purple would not work for her. She wanted one like mine. Nice! I got it made and mailed out to her.  

At the next show we connected, I did not see her with anything on her long, blond hair which was flowing behind her as she walked up. I had to ask, “Did the hair bag® arrive yet?” She was thrilled! It arrived the day before and she put it on before they left to come to the show. She left it on the bike when she got there. So easy!

Bad Hair Day Solution

She saw the sign that read “Long Hair Solution” and had to learn more at the Eureka show. Jillian works construction and is proud to be a woman working in a man’s field. When she learned she could get the hair bag® do rag in a big size she was in.  The choices on the rack would not work for her. No problem, custom materials were available and she selected the bright paisley.

She explained, “Wearing a hard hat everyday really does nothing for your hair and there are some days when I am glad I have it to hide the way it looks. My long hair is not a problem. This is what I need for my bad hair days.” Thus, Jillian provided the words I use on my signs at shows today that read “Bad Hair Day Solution”.

Jillian P.

Wichita KS

It was during the Lawrence show in the park that she learned about the hair bag® do rags. She thought it would work well for her hair on motorcycle rides and got one.

Lawrence KS

Gotta Get Another Hair Bag®

in July 2017, she made a special trip to get a second hair bag®. She looked at the label in the hair bag for the web site and found the show schedule. Nice! She could make it with her friend for the motorcycle trip to Cassoday.

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She was fascinated to learn how the hair bag® do rags were made with an absorbent sweatband when she came to the Fall show and selected two to take home.

Ann C.

Topeka KS

2 More for Gardening

At the December show, she shared she is a Master Gardener and her gardening keeps her out in the hot sun a lot. Her thick hair would get in the way before she had the hair bag® and now she does not worry about that.  It is the absorbent sweatband that she really loves!

She is a cat lover and could not pass on the the big cats and a fourth one in pink and purple batik.

Hold the Dog

Zoey loves to ride on the back of the trike with Jody while Sonny cruises down the road. Jody was worried about having the hold the dog and not having a free hand to catch her do rag from blowing off in the wind. The Labrador always wears big red googles when she rides, but once there was something that hit her and she just about jumped off the trike.

After her first ride with the hair bag® do rag, Jody realized she did not have to worry about trying to hold onto it. When she arrived at their destination, she had to really work to get it off. That was all it took. As she puts it, “I can look up, around and every direction with no worries of loosing it.”

Jody G.

Clyde KS

2 for Trike Rides with the Dog

Jody liked the way the hair bag® I was wearing looked, so she got the orange and yellow hair bag® do rag with suns and acorns in the tail that I had available at the ABATE rally. She really wanted to get something with dragonflies, but the orange one would be good to get started. I was able to find a dragonflies in yellow material, so she wanted to get the second one, too.

Ready to Ride

We both use a hair bag® on rides. I simply roll my hair to tuck it in and he does the same thing with his long ponytail. All good to go.
Becky & Tony Portrait with Motorcycle


I put on a hair bag® when I’m cleaning the bathrooms so I won’t have to be fussing around with my long hair in my way. I don’t want to get cleaning stuff it it either.

Installing Cabinets, I Must Wear Something to Cover My Hair

The guy had his hair in a ponytail when he stopped to take a look at the hair bag® do rags. He saw how it worked as I showed him how I put mine on at the show. He quickly selected the remaining camo one. He continued to listen while I told him how my husband was at home making some wood plaques and would definitely be using his right now. He shared with me that was what he did every day. He is a carpenter and installs kitchen cabinets. While he uses a ponytail and a hat, there was no way for him to keep everything out of his hair. He thought this would really work for him and he took some cards to pass along.

Food Service

The lady stopped by to check out the hair bag® do rags and knew she had lots of opportunity to wear it. She worked in the school cafeteria and they were required to wear something to cover their hair. Yes, it looked like this would work just fine to her and she easily selected the gray camo one because that was a school color.

Baker LOVES Hair Bag®

At the 2016 SantaCaliGon Days, she explained that she owns a bakery in Topeka and makes lots of cakes so it’s flour and more flour. She was glad to see how easy it was to put on the hair bag® and all the coverage it would provide for her hair. But, it is the heat from the ovens that can make it a warm place when everything gets going so it was the enclosed terry in the band that absolutely would work.

She stopped to say she LOVES the hair bag® do rag! In 2017, at the Wamego Tulip Festival, it was very good to have the baker stop and share how much she enjoys the way the hair bag is working for her. She tells everyone how much she likes it. This time she selected the white lace hair bag.

Roxy S.

Owner, Topeka KS, Miss Roxy's Bakery

Baker Get More Hair Bags®

At the 2017 SantaCaliGon Days, she was back for a new hair bag® and she got one with flowers. On Instagram she wrote, “thanks for always providing @MissRoxysBakery with the perfect hair bags®. Love that it matches my artwork #kansasgirl #bakery #vegan#motherdaughter #lfk #sunflowers #tattoo#wheat #ryancooperthompson#tattoedmomma #foodisart

Roxy S.

Owner, Topeka KS, Miss Roxy’s Bakery


Health Care Scrub

Thinking of her daughter, the mom got a hair bag® do rag and explained this would be an ideal gift. She was so proud of her daughter for being a veterinarian. She thought this would work for her when she did her surgery work.

The ladies were actually doing their holiday shopping when they stopped by at the Maple Leaf Festival, but after checking out the hair bags, they knew the gift they selected would be used later that day. The mom explained that her other daughter was headed to work later that day at the hospital and she was not going to wait to give her the hair bag because she would put it to use right away.

Meat Packing

She had stopped by earlier to take a look at the hair bag® do rags at the show. She came by the second time to learn more about how they worked. She liked the red and expressed she liked the pirate look for work as she discussed getting the hair bag® do rag with her spouse on her last stop that day. I had to ask what she did that she wanted a pirate look for work. Was it some sort of Renaissance or acting work? “No, I work in a meat packing plant,” she stated as she got it.



The grandmother and granddaughter were shopping together at Burlington. The granddaughter was certain the head-wear would be something her grandmother would like. The grandmother asked about wearing the hair bag® for mowing and when she was doing yard work. She tried the regular size on, but really wanted the big size to cover her ears and her hair, which wasn’t especially long, but would certainly be covered. She was sold on the way the hair bag® felt secure on her head and it did not feel like it was going to move around while she was doing her yard work. She did not want to get anything in her hair.


She came to the Wamego Tulip Festival and saw the sign about being proud to have long hair and keeping it so she had to investigate. “I’m a welder and I could use that at work,” said the welder. She went on to explain that sometimes the sparks get to flying and they will occasionally land on her long, hair. The hair bag® do rag seemed like a practical solution and she really liked the pink color.


Tricia A., of D & T Metal Arts, got her first hair bag® do rag with the black pirate skulls on black at the Maple Leaf Festival. The next time we connected was at the Garnett BPW Square Fair. She could not wait to tell me how truly happy she was with her welding cap. I was thrilled when she shared pictures in her second one showing how all of her dreadlocks really do fit in it. She said, “All this gets tucked into my awesome welding cap.”


Tricia A.

Owner, Wellsville KS, D & T Metal Arts

Welder Tricia Adams - All The Hair in the Hair Bag Do Rag

It was a fun shopping experience for the friends as they found about the hair bag® do rags at the SantaCaliGon Days. While Carolyn found one in the patriotic print with waves and a bit of sparkle; she really wanted something with more glitz.  She had to get one in the material I still had to show her in a hat band. It has sparkles and turquoise butterflies on black satin. It was great to receive her pictures. Especially those with her Spyder.

Carolyn I.

Kansas City KS

Won’t Ride Without It

Rita really needed the big size hair bag® do rag and could not pass on getting hers made out of the shiny, turquoise butterflies print with sparkles that she saw in a head wrap at Cassoday. For the next shows, she pops in with it to show me that she still loves wearing it. She says, “If for some reason we take off without me having it on, I make him stop so I can put it on. I won’t ride without it now.”

Rita made sure to get another hair bag the next time she saw us at a show.

Rita T.

Topeka KS

He Rides a Lot

Bennie was so glad to see the custom hair bag® do rag he ordered matched the T-shirt he was wearing the day my husband delivered it to him at the meeting they attended. He is an ABATE friend who has long hair and rides regularly. He recently passed along my card to a person who wanted to know where he got it after they saw him take it off his hair when he parked his motorcycle.

Bennie H.

Topeka KS

We Both Have Long Hair

Getting out on the road is a lot of fun on the motorcycles for my husband, Tony, and me. Both of us have longer hair and we don’t ride without our hair bag® do rags.

Truthfully, the picture shows us riding without helmets. Really, we both only ride with helmets on. The way we do it is hair bag® first and then the helmet.

No worries about wind tangles for me and I don’t use hair holders.

He is keeping his lovely ponytail and no longer worries about it slapping him in the face on windy rides.

Size Matters

Small Hair Bag®

Hair bag® do rags in the small size crowns fit Youth L-XL – Adult S / 20″ Circumference – 21″ Circumference / 6-3/8 Hat Size – 6-5/8 Hat Size. It has “20” on the label. Press here for the small size.


Runner Hair Bags®

The Topeka Food Truck Festival customer was pleased to get the small size hair bag® do rag with the pirate skulls print. 

Regular Hair Bag®

Hair bag® do rags in the regular size crowns are the traditional one-size-fits-most size and fit Adult M-XL / Circumference 22″- 24″ Circumference / 7 Hat Size – 7-5/8 Hat Size. It has a “22” on the label. Press here for the regular size hair bags.

Big Hair Bag®

Hair bag® do rags in the larger size crowns fit Adult 1XL-3XL / 24″ Circumference – 26″ Circumference / 7-5/8 Hat Size – 8-1/4 Hat Size. It has a “24” on the label. Press here for the big size hair bags.

I've Got a Big Head

She stood admiringly looking at the wall of do rags with her fellow riders at the Maple Leaf Festival. They all said she had a big head. Because she had long hair, I wanted to be sure she saw the hair bag®  do rags and how they could work for her hair. She was convinced that they would not fit her head. You know what? They were all right.

She really did have a big head. Until that time, all of the hair bags had a regular size crown and really could not work for her. I had already figured out that having a big size in do rags was a must for big guys, so I had those available for her to try. Voila! A fit!

She ordered a custom hair bag® do rag with the big crown. Press here for the big size hair bags.


I'd Like to Cover the Tips of My Ears

Some prefer to have the tips of their ears covered and the big size works well for that.

Go with the next size up when covering the tips of your ears is important.

The brown, animal print with glitzy gold threads shown was made in the big size crown for Casondra as result of her seeing the hair bags at the Atchison show.

Cosandra T.

Oskaloosa KS

Comfortably BIG

Gals and guys who do need the big size crown are thrilled to learn they really are available.

Really Big Hair Bag®

Hair bag® do rags in the really big, size crowns fit Adult 3XL-5XL / 26″ Circumference – 28″ Circumference / 8-1/4 Hat Size – 8-7/8 Hat Size. It will have “26” on the label. Press here for the Really Big Hair Bags.

Need Really Big

At the show, the guy was positive he would not be able to squeeze the big hair bag on his head. He had a long ponytail so the hair bag was really what he wanted. Well, he was right. It was too small. After using a string to get the size around his head, the work began on the first really big hair bag. He got it.

Honestly, these are made very sparingly and only available via online purchase when they are in stock. If you need it, please call 913-397-8071 or email [email protected] with your request.

Hair Bag® Do Rag Details

Hair Bag Do Rags

Very secure!

Hair bag® has four sturdies to keep it on your head. Elastic and tie around your head and elastic and tie around your hair.

Absorbent Padded Sweatband

Sweatband has an enclosed layer of absorbent terry to help keep the sweat from dripping in your eyes. Really feels like it is padded.

Feels Like a Hat

Sweatband has elastic along the back making the hair bag® feel like a hat. Increases the hair bag® hold on your head.

Holds Long Hair

Hair needs to be long enough to go into a shower cap. If your hair is that long, it will go into the long hair pocket.

Hair Won't Cause Pressure Point

Long hair pocket holds hair long along the hairline making it comfortable to wear under a hat, helmet or hard hat. Hair won’t bunch and buldge under the hat and cause a pressure point.

Fits Like a Shower Cap

Long hair pocket has an elastic top that helps hold your hair in while increasing the hair bag® hold on your head. Fits around hair like a shower cap.

Do Rag Style

The hair bag® do rag has a traditional do rag style with a three-section crown, sweatband, and patchwork tail. Crown has loose fit in the back with air vents.

Long Ties

The ties are doubly long. Long enough to secure the hair bag® to your head and around your long hair.

Attractive Double-sided Tail

The patchwork tail is double-sided so it will never show a wrong side. Looks good, even in the wind.

Made in the U.S.A.

All of Our Hair Bag® Do Rags—Made in the USA

All of our hair bag® do rags are original designs by Rawls-Riley Creations. They are 100% made in the United States of America.

Sizes Available

Get a comfortable fit and feel. Get the coverage that works better for your preferences and needs.

Small Hair Bags®

Hair bag® do rags in the small size crowns fit Youth L-XL – Adult S / 20″ Circumference – 21″ Circumference / 6-3/8 Hat Size – 6-5/8 Hat Size. It will have “20” on the label. Press here for the small size.

Regular Hair Bag® Do Rags

Hair bag® do rags in the regular size crowns are the traditional one-size-fits-most size and fit Adult M-XL / Circumference 22″- 24″ Circumference / 7 Hat Size – 7-5/8 Hat Size. It will have “22” on the label. Press here for the regular size hair bags.

Big Hair Bag® Do Rags

Hair bag® do rags in the larger size crowns fit Adult 1XL-3XL / 24″ Circumference – 26″ Circumference / 7-5/8 Hat Size – 8-1/4 Hat Size. It will have “24” on the label. Press here for the big size hair bags.

Really Big Hair Bag® Do Rags

Hair bag® do rags in the even bigger, larger size crowns fit Adult 3XL-5XL / 26″ Circumference – 28″ Circumference / 8-1/3 Hat Size – 8-7/8 Hat Size. It will have “26” on the label. Press here for the really big size hair bags.

How to Put on the Hair Bag® Do Rag

2022 MAR 24 – Hair Bag Do Rag “How To” Video

Long hair issues solved by bagging it in a hair bag® do rag. Ignore those who say, “The only way to solve those issues is to cut it off.” If you’ve got long hair, this one is for you. See how easy it is to use a hair bag in the “how to” video. When you want to keep your hair clean, contained, and out of the way a hair bag do rag works.

Creative Commons Music by Jason Shaw on

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How Do I Measure My Head Size?

Press here to learn how to measure your head. It will help in selecting the best size for you or to give as a gift.

Custom Requests

Reach out and let us know what you are thinking about and we’ll be happy to create something special just for you. Please call 913-397-8071 or email [email protected].

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Ivy Flat Cap in Red Skull Scroll Leaves on Black Damask - top

Custom Prints Headwear Gallery

See some of the headwear created using custom prints material by checking out the sold out gallery. It does include some hair bag do rags. Press here to see the gallery.