Do Rags

It’s all about practical when you go with a do rag as your choice in headwear. It keeps you looking good even when your hair doesn’t cooperate with the weather or you know it will be another one of those bad hair days. It protects the bald noggin from sun, foreign substances like paint, and even odd looks and stares. It doesn’t get any easier than just throwing the do rag in the wash along with the rest of the clothes for a fresh, clean look and feel.

Our do rags are uniquely designed to fit like a hat, have a sporty patchwork tail and their absorbent headband feels refreshing on a hot summer day. They are available in four sizes making it possible to get a comfortable fit and coverage to suit your needs. Go for a do rag in a basic solid, simple print, unique batik, eye-catching print or get one with a splash of glitz. We have or will create the perfect do rag to match your outfit, a little something for a quick trip to the store or one that will match your motorcycle to complete the look you really want.

Do Rags

Do rags with absorbent sweatband and hat-like fit. Sizes available.

Exclusive Online Only Scrub Caps

Really looking for a scrub cap? Happy to help. All do rags have the option to have their tail removed before they are shipped.  Be sure to select the scrub cap option to get it made without a tail like you really want. This option is ONLY available for online purchases.


Do Rag OR Scrub Cap Option:

  • Do Rag Style with a tail.
  • Scrub Cap Style without a tail.

Do Rags in Virtual Festival

Rawls-Riley Creations created a Virtual Festival on do rags. Please check it out to see the do rags at the show.


Size: Small Size | Regular Size | Big Size | Really Big Size

Color: Black | Blue | Brown | Gray | Green | Orange Pink | Purple | Red | White | Yellow

Available Folies Do Rags

Check out the available do rags below. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please press here to contact Rawls-Riley Creations for assistance.

What Do You Call It? Tell Me More About It.

Do rag. You may notice throughout this page the name for our do rag is spelled in a variety of ways. This is because our customers look up this hat style in a variety of spellings; therefore, we use a variety of spellings and names. You may see a do rag referred to as a durag, doo rag, skull cap, cap  or do rag. They are all in reference to the same hat style. No worries about spelling, we know what you mean.

The do rag headwear accessories have been around since the 19 century. In the beginning the do rag headwear was seen most frequently on poor laborers. They were able to hold their hair back as they worked by using a durag.

The next boom of the do rag was in the 1930s when they were used to preserve hair styles or hair dos. Get it? Hair do rag. They worked perfectly to keep a stylish hairstyle in place while basic tasks were being performed and while sleeping.

In the 1940s, when hair straightening treatments became available, African American men wore them to help maintain waves and extend the life of professional treatments. Our do rags are searched for under the name of a skull cap. A skull cap is a small domed hat which covers the back of the head to the forehead.  This does qualify under our do rag hats when selecting those made of nylon or with a knit construction and will work well when the tail is important. Those who prefer no tail, do check out the skull caps by pressing here.

Who would have guessed these small  pieces of cloth from humble beginnings would have grown to be as popular as they have? Today we wear durags for many reasons. They still preserve a hairstyle and they still hold our hair back while doing our tasks but they are also used for fashion reasons.  We see many people wearing these hair accessories strictly because they are comfortable and fashionable. We have seen many people wearing doo rags through the years. Some very famous people, from actors to athletes, have been spotted wearing these fashion statement accessories in a variety of colors.  Some people want to match their outfits with their do rag choice while others choose to make their outfits pop with color by choosing a shade of print that  pulls their outfit together by design. After all, there are so many possible solids and patterns to choose from, the options seem limitless.

Follow the fashion trends over the years, and the do rag keeps popping up time after time as it continues to solidify its role as the preferred head-wear of choice for some. In fact, it seems to increase in popularity each year. Perhaps it is due to the reasons we have mentioned. No longer is the simple, bandana looking do rag with its basic design enough to meet the diverse needs of those who prefer the head-wear style. We offer do rags in traditional materials with different patterns and prints as well as solids and some non-traditional materials like lace. This is great news for everyone that realizes how enjoyable it is to wear this fashion accessory.

If you have been searching for the perfect head gear accessory you need look no farther than a do rag.  They work perfectly for those days we either do not want to do anything with our hair but we need to run errands or for those days our hair is not going to cooperate. We all have those days in particular when it is humid outdoors. They come in a variety of colors and prints so there is always a do rag that will match any outfit.

You May Need a Do Rag


Fits Under Hats & Helmets

When work and recreation requires a helmet or hard hat for safety reasons, it is challenging to keep the sprigs of hair contained when they get shoved around every time the darn thing shifts. Put on a do rag first to let the thin layer help you work fret free. Dip it in water for a cooling effect. It’s way easier to wash than the helmet for a fresh, clean start.

Tame the Wisps

While motorcycling, bicycling, boating, enjoying a ride with the top down in a convertible, lawn mowing, playing the drums, cleaning the bathroom, woodworking, meat packing, cooking and doing activities that demand your full attention. It will be easier when you are not distracted by wisps of hair getting in your way. Perish the thought about what might get in the wrong place simply because you had to brush of a wisp out of your face.

Baldness Conversation Starter

Baldness can draw unwanted stares. Everyone knows it is not polite to stare, but still stare. A do rag, at least, is an interesting difference and might even be a good conversation starter. These do rags come in four sizes, so for more coverage over the ears and the back of the head along the natural hairline go with one size larger.


Scarfs & Wraps are Too Hard to Work

Scarfs and head wraps are fancy, favorites for ladies who don’t want their hair messed up, but they have no fit. Go with the do rag when it’s tricky to get the scarf folded and tied correctly and slipping and sliding is just so frustrating it doesn’t work for you.


Extends Treated Hair Investment

Coloring and treating hair takes money and time. A do rag will protect it from sun and weather damage extending your investment. Really, there is only so much conditioning you can do for your hair, so when you need more, use a do rag.

Keep Work on Track

A professional look in the office if hard to project when thinning hair seems to be a distracting factor. Tie on an appealing and comfortable do rag and keep work on track.

Cooler Day Protection

When 20% of body heat is lost from the head, even a do rag’s thin layer helps on cooler days.

Sweaty Head

It happens. Be it bald or your head just sweats a lot, a do rag provides a thin layer of protection and absorbs sweat. The headband on these do rags even contain terry that makes them way more absorbent.

Dread the Duck Look

Dread the duck look a hat bill reminds you of or the close feel anything restricting your field of vision brings? Get the crown coverage without a bill or brim with a do rag.

Bikers Use Do Rags

If there is any large group of people who benefit from using do rags, it would have to be bikers. After wearing your helmet for hours you will have the helmet hair that bikers are famous for. To eliminate that look, biker guys and gals are sporting do rags. They solve the problem with style. Well, some motorcycle riders don’t like to wear helmets, but feel keeping the road dust off their head and hair is worth pursuing. Others prefer to avoid the dreaded thought of putting a stinky helmet on their head. Either way, do rags address issues.

The motorcycle gets dresses up with accessories to make it special to the rider and the way they look when they ride is enhanced with a matching do rag. Packing light is key to a successful long trip. What with rain, wind and other calamities along the journey, having a spare do rag stashed for a refreshing change keeps the miles bearable. We have do rags in lots of colors, prints and materials. Plus, as we make our own do rags, a custom request is possible when you are seeking something special to complete your look. Simply call 913-397-8071 or email [email protected] with your request.

Do Rags Work for Athletes

Another great use of the do rag is for anyone who participates in sports. It is difficult to have any type of hairstyle when you are an athlete. First, you do not want any interference due to your hair. For that reason many athletes choose very short hairstyles. Second, the minute your hair gets wet it becomes unmanageable in a sporting event. Many athletes, from tennis players to track and field, enjoy the benefits of a do rag. They are more comfortable to wear, when it is hot outdoors, because durags provide breath-ability.

Limited Arm Movement Issue Solved by Fits-Like-A-Hat Do Rag

In she walked to the do rag display exclaiming, “Just the lady I need to see!” With that she quickly pulled off her military-style cap to reveal her bald head and she began to examine the available do rags. We both agreed that the smaller sized do rag would be best for her smaller size head and she was glad there was a choice in sizes.

Actually, it was not a “no hair” issue she was most concerned about. It was her limited range-of-motion with one of her arms. It could be used to slide the do rag on and aid in shifting it, but there was no way she was ever going to be able to bend it to reach the back to do the tie. No problem! The elastic along the back on these do rags makes them fit like a hat. She could easily lay the do rag on the table, tie a knot into the ties and then simply put it on like a hat.

The wedding she was going to next month was going to be a casual affair and she would not have any more hair that she had that day, but using the cap she had was not going to work for the pictures. Now, she was going to look nice for the pictures with her new do rag.

Omaha NE

The guy came over to check out the do rags with his lady at the Burlington show. He zeroed in on the big 1XL-3XL size and we talked about the way this one would probably be the most comfortable for him.

He looked at the plain navy one, but picked up the red one with the black polka dots. With a smile to her, he happily shared how he thought this was be just perfect for him at the lake. He tried it on and winked as he said he really liked the ladybug look. She gave him the approving nod and it quickly became his. They strolled off arm in arm.

Burlington KS

He headed straight for the do rags at the Excelsior Springs Waterfest. After looking them over he went with a do rag in a patriotic print. Good choice with the 4th of July just around the corner.

Excelsior Springs MO

He was looking for a black do rag when he saw our do rags at the Amelia Earhart Festival. When he said his motorcycle was red, I showed him the oriental dragon do rag. Very nice!

Atchison KS

Size Matters

Small Size

The small size do rag is a popular for guys and gals who have a smaller size head. Do rags in the small size have crowns that fit Youth L-XL – Adult S / 20″ Circumference – 21″ Circumference / 6-3/8 Hat Size – 6-5/8 Hat Size. It has “20” on the label. Press here for the small do rags.

Do Rag Trip with Grandpa

The girl came to Cassoday with her grandpa. She was impressed to see all the ladies with their do rags. When she saw the pink one in the smaller size she could not resist trying it. WOW! It fit and she convinced grandpa it really was the one she needed. She was the first to get the small size do rag and she looked so nice in it.

He Likes the Fit

The guy was wearing a do rag that was well worn, simply had to stop and look when he noticed these do rags were available in sizes. He probably would have done fine with the regular size, but he shared that he preferred the small size because he felt it would not be as likely to fly off when he was motorcycling.

Regular Size

Do rags in the regular size have crowns that fit Adult M-XL / Circumference 22″- 24″ Circumference / 7 Hat Size – 7-5/8 Hat Size. These are the one-size-fits-most size that are typically available. It has a “22” on the label. Press here for the regular do rags.

Big Size

Do rags in the big size have crowns that fit Adult 1XL-3XL / 24″ Circumference – 26″ Circumference / 7-5/8 Hat Size – 8-1/4 Hat Size. It has a “24” on the label. Press here for the big size do rags.


Larger for Big Heads & to Cover Ears

The big size is a favorite to those with a larger build. The typical, one-size-fits-most size on their head is too small and they tend to slide up and pop off. It has turned out to be a popular size for the ladies who really prefer to have the tips of their ears covered, too.

He came to the Lenexa Spinach Festival and stopped to admire the do rags. There were plenty to choose from, but I could see, as he towered next to me, that he was definitely not the typical size that those were designed to fit. We talked about his motorcycle and how he would really like to wear a do rag, but he was never able to find one that would fit.

I had my materials there for him to select what he would like, if he had a custom one made. He was wondering how he could let me know what size would really work? Easy. He tied a string around his head and I put it in the bag with his material.

Neal became the first customer to receive the big size do rag in Adult 1XL-3XL. The smoky black that he selected was popular as a do rag and as a hair bag® do rag which is a do rag with a ponytail holder on the back. Press here to learn more about the hair bag® do rags.

Neal F.

Lenexa KS


Comfortably BIG

Gals and guys who do need the larger size crown are thrilled to learn they really are available in the big size.

Really Big Size

Do rags in the really big size have crowns that fit size Adult 3XL-5XL / 26″ Circumverence – 28″ Circumference / 8-1/4 Hat Size – 8-7/8 Hat Size. The label has “26” on it. Press here for the really big do rags.

Really Need Bigger Than Big Do Rag

He came to the show and looked at the big do rags, but they actually were not big enough. Thus, there is a larger do rag available and it is called really big do rag. Press here for the really big do rags.

Honestly, these are made sparingly and are available at shows and online when they are available. If you need one, and don’t see any right now, please call 913-397-8071 or email [email protected] with your request.

Do Rag Details

Do Rags

Doubly Secure

Do rag has two sturdies to keep it on your head. It has the traditional tie along the back of head plus elastic.

Absorbent Padded Sweatband

Sweatband has an enclosed layer of absorbent terry to help keep the sweat from dripping in your eyes. Really feels like it is padded.

Feels Like a Hat

Sweatband has elastic along the back making the do rag feel like a hat.


Attractive Double-sided Tail

The patchwork tail is double-sided so it will never show a wrong side. Looks good, even in the wind.

2 Styles Available

Do Rag Style

The do rag has a traditional style with a three-section crown, sweatband, and patchwork tail. Crown has loose fit in the back with air vents.

Scrub Cap Style

Optionally, select the scrub cap style when placing the online order and the tail will be removed prior to shipping.

Made in the U.S.A.

All of Our Do Rags —

Made in the USA

All of our do rags are original designs by Rawls-Riley Creations. They are 100% made in the United States of America.

Sizes Available

Get a comfortable fit and feel. Get the coverage that works better for your preferences and needs.

Small Do Rag

Do rags in the small size have crowns that fit Youth L-XL – Adult S / 20″ Circumference – 21″ Circumference / 6-3/8 Hat Size – 6-5/8 Hat Size. The label has “20” on it. Press here for the available small do rags.

Regular Do Rags

Do rags in the regular size have crowns that fit Adult M-XL / Circumference 22″- 24″ Circumference / 7 Hat Size – 7-5/8 Hat Size. These are the one-size-fits-most size that are typically available. The label has “22” on it. Press here for the available regular do rags.

Big Do Rags

Do rags in the big size have crowns that fit Adult 1XL-3XL / 24″ Circumference – 26″ Circumference / 7-5/8 Hat Size – 8-1/4 Hat Size. The label has “24” on it. Press here for the available big do rags.

Really Big Do Rags

Do rags in the really big size have crowns that fit Adult 1XL-3XL / 24″ Circumference – 26″ Circumference / 7-5/8 Hat Size – 8-1/4 Hat Size. The label has “26” on it. Press here for the available really big do rags.


How Do I Measure My Head Size?

Press here to learn how to measure your head. It will help in selecting the best size for you or to give as a gift.

Custom Requests

Reach out and let us know what you are thinking about and we’ll be happy to create something special just for you. Please call 913-397-8071 or email [email protected].

Press here to see about the custom headwear made for other customers.


Ivy Flat Cap in Red Skull Scroll Leaves on Black Damask - top

Custom Prints Headwear Gallery

See some of the headwear created using custom prints material by checking out the sold out gallery. It does include some do rags. Press here to see the gallery.

Skull Caps

I Can Never Get It Tied Tight Enough

After getting three skull caps at the Bikes, Blues & BBQ Rally, the next year Bill got his new skull cap to match his green motorcycle. He said, “It really stays on my head. I can’t tell you how many do rags I have lost to the wind. I can never get them tied tight enough to keep them on.”

The skull cap is a simple cap with elastic all the way around the head and they come in three sizes. Check out the skull caps by pressing here.

Welding Caps

More Coverage

Tired of losing do rags in the wind and ready to switch to a cap? Skull caps are fine, but when you are worried about protecting your neck, too, definitely go with the welding cap. Built like the skull cap, the welding cap includes a bill. Simply turn the bill around to cover your neck.

Press here to check out all the welding caps that come in three sizes.