Practical handcrafted headwear from Kansas City. Headwear made with a material difference.

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Hair Bag Do Rags

Hair Bag® Do Rags

3 Sizes Available

Do Rags

Do Rags

4 Sizes Available

Welding Caps

Welding Caps

4 Sizes Available

Skull Caps

Skull Caps

4 Sizes Available

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Duckbill Flat Cap in Steampunk Panel Gears Pipes in Brass - right

Boonie Hats

2 Sizes Available & Velcro Adjustment for Fit

Duckbill Flat Cap in Steampunk Panel Gears Pipes in Brass - right

Duckbill Flat Caps

2 Sizes Available

Ivy Flat Cap in Red Skull Scroll Leaves on Black Damask - top

Ivy Flat Caps

Slider Adjustment for Fit

Fisherman Cap in Sugar Skulls Flowers in Yellow Orange Green Red - right

Fisherman Caps

Velcro Adjustment for Fit

Military Patrol in Bollard Post Curled Hook Pop Steampunk - front left

Military Patrol

All Weather Style has 3 Sizes Available & Velcro Adjustment for Fit

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Scrub Caps Short and Long Hair

Scrub Caps

4 Sizes Available & 3 Sizes Available for Long Hair Scrub Cap

Face Masks


D-ring for Fit

Headwear maker of 1000s delivers its practical headwear styles in custom materials with its Folies Headwear line. 

Custom Materials Make Folies Headwear Unique

Go with headwear from the Folies line and it will look unique. Made with custom material in limited quantities, the look will be a one-of-a-kind, something that will drop a jaw, elicit a remark or chuckle, or just let them know exactly how you feel. Dare to get practical headwear that’s not like all the rest.

Hair Bag in Black Widow Spiders and Red Roses - model

Custom Request and  Folies Line Match

His wife saw the do rags at the Johnson County Old Settlers Celebration and took some home. He checked out the big do rags online and went with some of those, too. He liked the big ones so well that in 2020 he reached out for some more big do rags. This time he did not go with just any other looking do rags. He got some custom ones.

Having already selected some of the initial Folies Headwear materials when the request came, it was a real coincidence when he selected two of the same prints. Snapped a quick picture of the do rag set when they were ready to ship. When they arrived he commented, “Gotem. They are perfect. Thank you.”

Bob F.

Eudora KS

BF Boobs Sugar Green Orange 20
Folies Material 1

Creative Headwear Line

Check out the rest of the headwear at the Creative Headwear site.


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Wamego Tulip Tent21

The complete Folies Headwear line is available online at this web site and a limited selection is sold at shows. Catch us at a show to see all the new headwear in the Rawls-Riley Creations creative headwear and the limited Folies Headwear and try it. Talk with us for advice on what may work best for your needs.

Check out the pop-up show schedule by pressing here.

Custom Requests

Reach out and let us know what you are thinking about and we’ll be happy to create something special just for you. Please call 913-397-8071 or email [email protected].

Press here to see about the custom headwear made for other customers.


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